Biafra lives on: Dr Philip Effiong (Junior) Lectures the world on Biafra from Ireland

Dr Philip Effiong Junior is the son of General Philip Effiong who was the second in command to General Ojukwu between 1967 and 1970 during the Nigeria/Biafra civil war and the period in which the republic of Biafra stood. Dr. Effiong now a lecturer in an Irish University was a refugee child in Ireland at the age of 9 during the 1967-1970 bloody civil war in which more than 3.5 million Biafrans were killed with about 1 million children accounting for the overall death profile.

He delivered a lecture titled “sleep, walk through Ireland”

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Dr. Effiong Spoke on the following:

  • Massacre of Easterners in Northern Nigeria
  • Cause of the Biafra War
  • Economic Blockade of Biafra
  • The war between 1967-1970
  • The Post War Policy of economic destruction of Biafra.

Appreciation of those who supported Biafra (Ivory Coast, Zambia, Tanzania, Gabon, Caritas, HolyGhost Fathers of Ireland, World Council of Churches, African Concern)

Dr Philip Effiong jr: The video below contains his full speech and lecture: Click to Download:


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