Buhari in London insists Bokoharam has been defeated.

The Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari in an interview by BBC London on February 5 insisted that the terrorist group Bokoharam has been technically defeated. This is despite the recent deadly attacks carried out by the terrorist group in which about 1oo children were burnt alive. Bokoharam has been fighting for the entrenchment of Sharia and Islamization of Nigeria.


The president of Nigeria is quoted as saying:

“Well, all I know is that out of the 14 Local Government Areas in Borno State where they (Boko Haram) used to hold and hoist their flag, they are nowhere in charge of any of them again. But they can still regroup and go after attacking soft targets.”

When asked if it was fair to say a group which killed over 65 people in a single attack had been “technically defeated,” the Buhari said: “Well, that’s your own description of it. My own description is that they can no longer mobilise enough forces to attack police and army barracks and destroy aircraft like they used to do. They can no longer do that.”


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