Pandemonium as Nigeria’s President Buhari is Smuggled Out of London Hotel as Angry Biafrans Protest for Independence

President Buhari of Nigeria was smuggled out of KENSINGTON CLOSE HOTEL LONDON via the basement last night as angry BIAFRAN protesting the illegal incarceration of their leader Nnamdi Kanu laid siege.

Angry Biafrans blocked Buhari from entry into the Kensington Close Hotel where he was billed to address Nigeria Community in the United Kingdom. Unknown to President Buhari and his people, angry Biafrans rushed and blocked him from entry as he entered the lobby of the hotel. It took the intervention of the metropolitan police to allow him passage after persuading Biafrans to calm down.
This disorganized and affected Buhari’s program as he could only spend about ten minutes in the supposedly town hall meeting.
While Biafrans waited outside the hotel entrance for Buhari’s exit, his aids pleaded with the metropolitan police to ask them to leave. The police rebuffed them, letting them know that these people have right under the law to stay where they wanted to.
Afraid of Biafrans on his way out, he had to be smuggled through the basement of the hotel.


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