Breaking News: Biafra Launch Online Shopping Platform for made in Biafra Goods.

In their match to Freedom, Nationalism,  Independence and identity, the people of biafra have launched their own online shopping website,  market and platform for all made in biafra goods and services.

The online platform is


And the platform owners had this info. is # 1 Biafran Market and fastest-growing African free online classifieds with quite developed security system.

We provide a quite simple solution to sell and buy almost anything without hassle. As a Seller you can: Post free Ads with images Sell in four different currency Pound ,Dollar Euro and Naira Update, move your ad to Top position to get maximum efficiency from selling Get calls and messages only from real people, because we require every user to register As a Buyer you can: Buy anything, simply call or send message to seller and agree purchase with sellers directly Leave a review after a deal is closed Buy in four different currency Pound ,Dollar Euro and Naira We are focused on security issues and able to resolve them in short terms. Buyer may leave review after an agreement with Seller to buy. Buyer may report problems with ad and we will check Seller. The thought of BIAFRAMARKET.COM is not an intolerant or shallow show of patriotism; rather, it concentrates on a national association to add to the sort of aggregate trade design that would most emphatically effect our National Development in Biafra Land. For one, it would upgrade the utility estimation of merchandise as items and ensuing administrations would be customized for the particular introduction and social needs of the biafran individuals. Further, there is an immediate connection to great parity of exchange and resulting sway on the country’s economy. In this time of worldwide business emergency, making a controlled and reliable business sector system for Biafra made items will help entrepreneurial inclination, giving a reasonable stage to the Biafra individuals to express, showcase and gain esteem for their inventive data. In our drive towards an enhanced and supportable economy, it is cardinal for Biafra to fabricate interior structures that will build up it as an Independent business center point wherein our position will be fortified over the span of International joint efforts and our transaction powers utilized by a society of home-developed specialized aptitude. Luckily, the procedures towards this perfect are now in progress, and sharpening is in full drive.

There are no exchange divisions, and everyone is a potential partner. This online Portal is our quick contact-spot where thoughts are traded and tackled for consistent business improvement and limit building exercises. An individuals’ prosperity must not just depend on political changes. At some uncommon times, the device for change lies entirely in our own particular hands. This is one of those minutes…

Try not to let the message stop with you. Show it all around, at work, at play and on the Social systems: OUR OBJECTIVES 1. TFMIBP: (Trade fair for Made in Biafra Products ) we organize and package trade fair for our indigenous home made goods annually, in supervisory partnership with commerce and industries. 2. BIA MAGAZINE: We package and showcase Made in Biafra Products with our magazine called Bia Magazine, the first of its kind in Biafra Land in Promoting and advertising these manufactured finished goods to get to the corridor of the end users. 3. BIA TV SHOW / RADIO PROGRAMME: through these medium we advertise the Made in Biafra Products weekly on each of our programme as mentioned above, 4. BIA FACE: it is a beauty pageant show in educating our young girls who has diverse talent in showbiz, getting hem busy with positive things and as such pushing them off the street from prostitution. The winner of this pageant (BIA FACE) goes home with numerous gifts and endorsement . Welcome on Board


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