Breaking the Walls of Neo-Colonialism in Africa: Get to know the man at forefront of the struggle for black emancipation and the Institution OEAS.

The organization of emerging African States (OEAS)  is an International organization headquartered in Washington United States of America. The aim and vision of the organization is for the reinvention of Africa and black civilization by breaking down of all artificial colonial boundaries militating against Africa’s and also to ensure the emergency of true African States.
Website of OEAS.
The Chairman of the OEAS is Ebenezer Derek Mbongo Akwanga, Jr.


Mr. Akwanga is a tireless fighter against neo imperialism in Africa. He was sentenced to 20 years hard labor by the government of the Cameroons and served seven years in prison while enduring torture, solitary confinement, and extreme hardship. he was freed due to an international campaign led by Amenesty International. He has survived 10 assasination attempts and is known as the Nelson mandela of West Africa. The Chairman is in the final stages of obtaining a MA in Diplomacy from Norwich University and completing his long ago interrupted education. He resides in the Washington DC metropolitan area with his family.


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  1. Thanks for the wonderful and interesting article about me. While I recognize that most or all the information were culled from the OEAS website (unfortunately the Organization has not updated my profile yet which it has to do with immediate effect), there are a few information which are either redundant or not exactly correct. First, I am already a holder of a Master of Arts in Diplomacy degree (Cum Laude) from Norwich University and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Political Science ( Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies). Second, I was never freed from prison. I am the first political prisoner to have ever successfully break away from one of Africa’s most deadliest prison, the Kondengui Maximum Security Prison in Yaounde, La Republique du Cameroun in July 2003. Third, one of the charges levied against me by the Biya regime is that I am a Biafran – and for this I do take absolute pride to know that my persecutors boxed me in the same narrow confined of brutality and inhumanity which the Prople of Biafra have suffered since they dared to challenge the status quo by legitimately demanding external self-determination.

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  2. The heart of the problem facings us All
    Africans is not really sectarian originated
    It’s the alien setup of a bourgeoisie culture
    Class political structure by the paleskin man in Africa.after Independence in the 1960s.this structure don’t care about the
    Economic.cultural well beeing of the Masses since its setup is to such African wealth discretely into western Treasury at Africa expense.and making a few low mentality citizens the big boys on the ground who takes orders form them remotely.for this evil to diszpear. People would have to knowMr Paul Ebai. A macro economist and thinker. Who have an economic blueprint to give power back to these countries and also political cultural wings to the nations. By state ownership of
    The economy and. A one party system that all citizens are naturally member at birth as well as transferring the presidential power to a group of grass root chosen council men who makes decisions for their countries


  3. west cameroon aka southern cameroons is an excolony of Uk.East cameroun.paul biyas country,is an excolony of France. paul biya country.east cameroun invaded west cameroon militarily in 1961 and occupied it
    till this day,no threaty have ever been signed. consequently.the lie about joining.unification.and one cameroun is just a cover up lie all these 50 plus paul biya bring in miseducation of our young with east cameroun french government owned and rum primary schools and colleges and universities in west cameroon. the curiculum paul biya enforces here for 30 years have no west cameroon history in it or stand anglosaxon
    west cameroon world view. soo all these generation greww not to know that their country is been colonizes by a neigboring country. their personal economic wellmess depends on them having their own govt.and power .ie a west cameroon army
    police and government which west Cameroonian can control. to inplement our vision as a seperate people and country from east cameroun. for these are two countries historically. there have never been one. all this one cameroun lue used by paul biya cametoun is simply to jystify. control of west cameroun lifes and destiny
    to misery and poverty. while paul biya french cameroun remains more and more exploitative..mean spirited. military dominance. and apartheid occupation of west cameroon territory.


  4. The map here is also wrong.and west cameroon so call learned men are still
    un learned. west cameroon map must be drawn inside An African map not an east cameroon map.or tugged to it.
    creation of an army must be the first priority. nothing guarranty rekreckognition than Power in west cameroonians own hands. and an Army is the first solution


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