Nigeria: 2016 budget, Fashola Continues to show disdain for Igbos:

The recent 2016 budget breakdown by the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing shows that the Igbo ethnic group of the South Eastern Nigeria got the least allocation.  This has raised a lot of rancour and dissatisfaction among opinion leaders and the general public in which they see as part of the Buhari APC led government strategy to ensure that Igbo land does not get any meaningful development.

You will also recall that the current Federal Minister for Work and housing Mr Babatunde Fashola was responsible for the deportation of Igbo people from Lagos to Anambra State when he was the then governor of Lagos State.

You will recall that Igbo land suffered a lot of devastation during the 3 years Biafra Nigeria civil war and has remained the least developed in terms of infrastructure and government presence.

This a breakdown of the budget:

The Southwest geo-political zone has got the largest share of (N88.7 billion) for major projects in the 2016 proposed budget for the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing.

A Daily Trust analysis has revealed that The North-West has the second largest allocation of (N30.1 billion);

North-Central, (N29 billion);

South-South, (N22.5 billion);

South-East was allocated (N2.9 billion);

North-East has (N9.4 billion);

A lot of Igbo people have said that it is because of all these cases of injustices meted against them that they seek for self determination and an independent state of Biafra.

They said and I quote “This is the LOVE of the so called one Nigeria which the Hausa /Fulani Yoruba oligarch are showing to us the Igbos”

Biafrans stand up and fight for your right, Your right to self determination.

Our hope is only on BIAFRA,

Nigeria is a scam and death sentence to all BIAFRANS


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