Britain you lied on Nigeria’s Territory Integrity – Dr. Clifford Iroanya(Biafra C.O.C)

The erudite Biafra Nationalist and the Coordinator of Coordinators of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Dr. Chukwuemeka Clifford Iroanya has debunked the assertion made by the British government that the territory integrity of Nigeria at 1960 independence should be maintained. In a broadcast monitored on Radio Dr. Iroanya asked the British Government the whereabouts of Bakassi Peninsula that was seeded to Cameroon and the recent annexed 16 villages of Osun State Nigeria.
By the reason of this compelling revelation it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that the British government lied, and are out of touch with history as regards the territory integrity of Nigeria. The question asked were where was Britain when Cameroon took Nigeria’s Bakassi Peninsula territory in present Cross River State, Nigeria? . Where was Britain when Benin Republic annexed Nigeria’s 16 villages in Osun state in 2015.

It can only be assumed that Britain’s interest in Nigeria is selfish and inordinate and not born out of sincere contributions to Nigeria’s development. As a result Britain’s assertion haven failed, Nigeria can no longer be kept together on the basis of territorial integrity Dr. Iroanya asserted.

The Bakassi Peninsula was ceded to Cameroon as a compensation for their role in fighting Biafra by providing economic blockade and restrictions of access to shipment through the Cameroonian waters. This agreement of ceding part of Nigeria was carried out in 1967 during the Nigeria/Biafra Civil War which ended in 1970.

In a similar development late last year the government of Benin Republic annexed 16 Nigerian villages on the basis that the 1914 amalgamation agreement has ended and the territory now belongs to Benin Republic.

You will recall that the Indigenous People of Biafra have been in an aggressive campaign for freedom and independence from Nigeria.


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