Security Tips: Avoiding Assassination: Learn from history!!

Avoiding Assassination: Learn from history!!

As you read the following incident reports, you will see similarities, even though they took place in different parts of the world and over the past 15 years. I regularly monitor numerous credible media sources and keep a database of incidents that take place in areas where I have interests. By monitoring these incidents, I can build a profile of how the criminals and terrorists in those areas operate.

As you look through the following incidents, think about what the victim could have done to avoid it and, if possible, counter it. You will see the criminals and terrorists do not give their victims much opportunity to defend themselves. Unlike the movies the criminals and terrorists do not want to get into a shoot out, they want to kill or kidnap their victims as quickly and easily as possible. Many people are usually shocked when they find out that criminals and terrorists don’t play fair!

Paul Tatum was an American businessman involved in a dispute over the ownership of the Slavyanskaya hotel in Moscow. In the early evening on the day of his assassination Tatum received a phone call to attend an “emergency meeting” in the Moscow subway.  He left for the meeting with two bodyguards, as they approached the nearby subway station they were followed by two unidentified men who had been waiting close by in a parked car. As Tatum went down the steps into the subway station a gunman armed with an assault rifle exited another parked car and ran to the top of the stairs. The first five bullets of the twenty fired hit Tatum in the back of the neck. His bodyguards did not draw their weapons and no witnesses ever came forward, even though the area was busy.

Early evening and busy times and places are favored by criminal as it is easier for them to blend in and escape. Also police reaction time at 5pm in most cities will be slower them 3am due to traffic congestion and the fact they will be busy attending to other tasks.Always be wary of meetings as they can be set ups for kidnappings or assaults, the bad guys will know where you’ll be at a specific time.Always be suspicious of people waiting in parked cars or vans, people don’t wait in parked cars for no reason. There is an old saying that there are only two reasons why two people will sit in a parked car, they are either doing surveillance or having sex.The chances are his bodyguards did not have time to react to the shooting but I would also not be surprised if they received a phone call, did they want to make some cash or get shot! It’s common for security personnel to be targeted by the criminals to assist in the kidnappings or assaults or just look the other way.

The mayor of Taganrog was shot dead outside his home. The mayor had just got out of his car, outside of his home when an assassin approached and shot him twice in the back. The mayor’s driver was also wounded in the incident.

The victim was killed outside of his home as he left his car. The shooter must have been waiting near the victims home for the car to turn up.The victim was shot in the back. Criminals want to get way with their crimes, forget the Hollywood shootouts, we are talking murder.

Source: cornishprivateer


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