Nigeria: Buhari’s Leadership failure Exposed as Nigeria’s Economy plunges into Recession with a Dollar Exchanging for 400 Naira.

Peter Agba Kalu:

I have stopped talking because only a compound fool will not notice that Buhari is a disaster waiting to happen
You staked your integrity and promised to match the dollar to a naira, but close to 9 months into your leadership, the naira hits all time low and you are still blaming a man that handed over to you without going to court to distract you as you would have done.

Buhari and the VP are not economist and every day they talk about reviving the economy. This is almost 9 months with no economic development policies or plans, no economic adviser, no economic team. That was why the budget was messed up because the kindergarten Financial Minister and her team thought budgets are about adding figures. So you add and pass it round, whoever it comes to his or her table adds their own.



All round the world, once president’s are pronounced ‘elected’ the first appointment they make is economic adviser and set up an economic team.

Some even set up economic team while campaigns are on and use it to solicit for votes.

Isn’t it a pity that our society is so much filled with fake and pretentious intellectuals that follow politicians sheepishly and without pronouncing one basic strategic economic development statistics, we chorus their ‘Change’ mantra and tag along like sheep being Shepherded by dummies.

Bill Clinton as a Democratic candidate set up his economic team and at the time of drastic drop in employment in US, he ran with a tag, ‘Job’s Stupid?’

When he was elected president his first appointment was economic adviser, same with Obama.

Down here, once Obasanjo was pronounced elected, his first appointment was economic adviser and setting up an economic team, same with Yaradua and Jonathan.

Attaching funds to projects without a crack economic development policies backed by growth statistics designed by a crack economic team, supervised by a meticulous economist, is just what it is: blindly throwing money to projects hoping it will work.

The reason why people are elected into offices and the sitting ones rejected is because the people expect new ideas, hope for the best and the elected to show the way forward. Not to come and be giving excuses.

That the budget was prepared within 1 month because President Buhari who lacks sound and basic knowledge of budget planning requested for that. And that no one among his kitchen cabinet had the courage to explain the impossibility of his demand is a clear sign of danger.

A nation is at the hold of dictatorship if the leader is feared so much by those around him that they cannot advice him rightly, even in the clear face of danger.

The budget mess just revealed something far more dangerous than the criminal record in world budget padding it exposed. It showed that Buhari surrounded himself with rubber stamp officials. Cabinet members that chorus every thing the president said will lack the capacity and courage to come up with innovative ideas.

Most sincere people that supported Buhari out of their sincere desire to see a better Nigeria are gradually getting tired of these excuses and blame game. They may not have the courage to step out and pronounce it because of being mocked by their social media friends that turned to enemies. But, deep down, they are hurting, burning and regretting.

Buhari clearly has shown that he lacks the sound and basic knowledge of what it takes to revive the nation today. He should admit this basic fact that has shown face clearly and appoint an economic adviser and set up an economic team to help him handle economic matters.

His greatest liability is his lack of trust on other Nigerians because he sees this as contracting the engine room of the government out and he’s afraid what might happen behind him that might tarnish his name. But, this is the devil he must kiss if he’s to salvage anything from the our economy that is rolling down the hill.

I love social media, when I see all these clear signs and see people who claim to be intellectuals coming to give positive thoughts about this regime I just shake my head. You cannot build something on nothing. The members of the present Federal Executive Council as it is constituted does not have what it takes to revive our economy now and this is beyond politics.

The economy is blind to political lining and it does not respect religion or ethnicity. For the interest of the nation, Buhari should look beyond his immediate political family and search for competent minds who are not ready to play politics, people who will look him direct in the face and tell him the truth, people who are ready to walk if he rejects their advise. Such honourable and highly recommended economic minds is what he needs urgently to secure his legacy that is fast eroding.

People like Lia mohammad who lie about everything are doing him more harm than people like me who are criticizing him everyday.

In a related development the Economist has accused the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari of lacking the capacity to grow an economy. He has continued to make the same mistake he made as a Military dictator in 1984.


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