Entertainment: Biafrans mock Nigerian Government, Go Masquerade Crazy as Court Turns down Secret Trial of Kanu.

Introducing in history the first Masquerades to appear in court as witnesses.





There is an ongoing blend of entertainment and Freedom Fighting as the Indigenous People of Biafra have taken to comic the request by the Nigerian Government for a secret trial (Witnesses to be covered with masks) of their leader Nnamdi kanu.

In a swift reaction following the refusal of the judge to grant the plea of the Nigerian government for a secret trial, the social media went agog with different Igbo and Biafran Masquerades depicting the witnesses invited by the Nigerian government to testify against Nnamdi kanu.

Some of the Masquerades that were being caricatured to represent the Nigerian government as witnesses including:

1. Ojuju Calabar 

2. Mmawu Arondizogu. 

3. Ekpo Calabar. 

4. Ijele Masquerade.


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