Nigeria: Rights Violations, Former Militant Ndigbara (alias Osama) drags Government to Court.

Wanted former militant leader in the Niger Delta region, Chief Solomon Ndigbara, popularly known as ‘Osama Bin Laden’ has dragged President Mohammadu Buhari, the Federal Government and the Nigerian Army to Federal High Court, sitting in Port Harcourt, seeking to stop further harassment and invasion of his homes by soldiers.

Ndigbara, who went into hiding after the January 11, 2016, invasion of his residences by soldiers from 2 Brigade, Nigerian Army, is also seeking an order of the court to enforce his fundamental human rights.
Speaking to newsmen in Port Harcourt, legal representative of the ex-agitator, Eugene Ode, said: “We don’t even know where he is; he is in hiding for his life. The way his house was invaded and destroyed and his family beaten and battered, it is very obviously that if he was on the spot that day, he probably would have been summarily executed.

“We hear now that the military authorities have placed a bounty on him; he is wanted but there is no allegation whatsoever. They have not made any public statement to say this is what this man is wanted for. To us, we think this is beyond the way of the law and we are here to enforce his fundamental human right. Don’t forget, this man is an ex-agitator. He was one of the first to embrace the Amnesty Programme by the late President Yaradua. This man has surrendered.’


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