Has the Spirit of Biafra Hunted and Avenged Sunday Oliseh for Betrayal of the Igbo Nation?

Following the reported resignation of Sunday Oliseh as the chief coach of the Nigerian national Team in less than 7 months of his appointment one begins to wonder if the Spirit ofnnamdi-kanu-Oliseh Biafra has hunted Oliseh down and avenged the betrayal of the Igbo ethnic group when he publicly denied his Igbo origin.

Following that denial by Oliseh by Sunday Oliseh, the Director of Radio Biafra Nnamdi Kanu declared that because Biafra is a spirit, the likes of Oliseh will come back in shame and disgrace. Nobody comes against Biafra and goes free. You will recall that Oliseh publicly denied his Igbo lineage by declaring “I am not Igbo (Biafra)” and today he has been disgraced.

Below was  a headline on the reaction of the Radio Biafra Director Nnamdi kanu October 14, 2015:

“Am Not Igbo” – Nnamdi Kanu, Others Blast Sunday Oliseh on Radio Biafra

Source: chidiukwu

Radio Biafra director and leader of the Indigenous People of
Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu yesterday took to Radio Biafra to
lambaste super Eagles Coach, Sunday Ogorchukwu Oliseh
over his comment during an interview that he is not
Igbo. Follow this link for the full interview if you missed it.
Another commentator Paul Achalla also reacted this way:
Sadly Nigerians are lazy, nobody research these days, due to
poor reading culture.
You may notice that those who are quick to say I am not
Igbo always got stuck with controversies or crises in their
careers . Thankfully not with the Igbos but with others tribes
or ethnic group.
I don’t think is merely a coincedence that Ex Gov Rotimi
Amaechi political career is marred with so many crises. He is
not the only politician that supported President Buhari or
APC . He was busy dishing out rubburish as if there is no
tomorrow. Today Sunday Ogochukwu Oliseh is another “I am
not Igbo” is currently in crises. Again not with the Igbos but
with another Nigerian Vincent Enyiama. Let me say thank
you Mr Mikel Obi, you are truly Igbo flesh and blood.
Oliseh is not the first Nigerian of Igbo origin to manage the
national team. Chief Christian Chukwu and Stephen
Okechukwu Keshi all reigned with honours. Both reigned
without unnecesarily controversies currently rocking the
national team.
Indeed those that invited Oliseh to led the national team
were wrong. Oliseh has history of crises. He Oliseh need at
least three years course on anger and crises management as
a starting point. He need to ascertain his true identity ( place
, town, village , kindred , tribe, and ethnic origin).

For example nobody asked Oliseh whether he is Igbo, Ijaw,
Edo Birom, Efik , Yoruba and Hausa or not ?. Infact he ended
up claiming his maternal town Abavo as his tribe. Is that not
unfortunate ? Is like saying Paul Achalla is not Igbo but
Umuchu. It doesn’t add up , isn’t it ?
Nigerians must approach “I am not Igbo” species with
extreme caution.


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