Biafra: IPOB Declare Ohaneze Ndiigbo Youth Leader a Saboteur of Biafra.

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has declared the Youth Leader of Ohaneze Ndiigbo, Mr Okechukwu Isiguzo an enemy of Biafra and a saboteur of the Biafra Restoration Project.  This was made available in a statement released by the Cordinator of Cordinators Dr. Clifford Chukuemeka Iroanya.  Mr Isiguzo was accused of speaking on behalf of IPOB, a position and action which the group condemned as Isiguzo lacks the capacity to speak for IPOB and Biafrans. Mr Isiguzo was alleged to have granted interview to some visiting Americans on the issue of Biafra.

In a similar development a statement to the effect by another IPOB officer read in part as written below:

EXPOSE EXPOSE!!!!!!!!! we have another current Ifeajuna (Saboteur) of our time….
This is the number of Okechukwu isiguzo (08091733347) our COC urge every one to text him or call him to ask him who mandate him to speak un behalf of Biafrans (IPOB) and told some of the Americans that were sent to investigate what is happening in Biafra land. He is the leader or member of Ohanaeze ndi Ara. He is from Ngo okpala…. He said that they don’t want Biafra but they want industries and road built. Our COC urge us to bombard him with call and text messages to ask him why he decide to sabotage our struggle from now till tomorrow. BIAFRANS YOU KNOWS WHAT TO DO AT THE WRITE TIME THANK YOU.


Okechukwu Isiguzo


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