Biafra Independence: Vatican Gives Support as IPOB holds Freedom Rally in Vatican City, Rome.

Today 28 February, 2016 marks a historic day as the Indigenous People of Biafra were granted audience by Pope Francis in a mega rally held in Vatican City, Rome Italy.  Reports coming in from Rome has it the rally/protest was very successful with a lot of fruitfulness coming out of it.


Vatican city biafra

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) sought audience with Pope Francis and tabled all their request for freedom for Biafra and Emancipation of the Christian faith in Nigeria both which have been under subjugation and Being killed in Nigeria.


This will be the first time the leader of the church in the person of the Pope will be briefed on the issue of biafra and his support solicited in the restoration of the Republic biafra which existed between 1967-1970 during which it fought a 3 years bloody war of independence with Nigeria.


More than 3 million people were killed with more than one million children accounting for the death due to the policy of starvation used by the Nigerian government against the Biafrans.


We will bring you more details as events unfold. Below are some of the pictures from the rally:



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