Biafra: Nigeria’s DSS Threatens To Kill Nnamdi Kanu’s lawyer

Source: thebiafraherald

The Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have alleged that Nigeria’s Secret Police (DSS) has threatened to kill the lawyer and defense council representing the embattled Leader of IPOB and the Director of Radio Biafra Mazi NNamdi kanu who is standing trial on a 3 count charge of traeson.

The least is yet to be heard as frustration is setting in. Having presented a hand written application that the indigenous people of Biafra should not be allowed to witness the trial of their leader, the court rejected, in a testimony by Hon. Ejiofor, he noted that when he went out to the gate to tell the DSS to allow family members of Nnamdikanu to come into the court as there are still empty seats.

The DSS succumbed to allowing only three family members into the court, on going out in acceptance; the DSS stopped Hon.  Ejiofor and seriously threatened to kill him if he comes out again to solicit for the people. Meanwhile, the court reject the handwritten application which said if people are allowed into the court might turn violent. Hon. Ejiofor has pleaded the court to take into record that if anything happens to him, that the DSS should be held responsible


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