I can Turn Nigeria Around For Good in 4 Months – Former President Jonathan Explodes.

Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, yesterday made an astonishing claim during a chat with pressmen on the state of the Nations Affairs, when he said he could reverse Nigeria’s dwindling fortunes in 4 months reports say .


He made his comments after watching President Muhammadu Buhari’s interview with AL Jazeera. Jonathan said rather sadly “if I were the one who had said All these things he said, Nigerians would have eaten me raw.”
He went on to add “the APC promised Nigerians a lot and are obviously fading, but I can tell you this, me and my Friend Ifeanyi Ubah, we can reverse this mess in less than 4 months”
When asked if that statement meant he would be running for the Presidency again in 2019, he declined to comment.
“All I know is, Nigerians should not lose hope. That’s all I can say. If your children studying abroad are forced to come back home, don’t lose hope. If dollar is N600, don’t lose hope. Me and ifeanyi Ubah are working on something big’.


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