NNamdi kanu Court Update: Labaran Steps Down as Idakwo takes over as Lead Council

In what appears like a game of uncertainty on the side of the prosecuting council. The initial lead counsel to the prosecution was changed to Idakwor.

However, Chucks Muoma countered the change and objected on grounds that Idakwor cannot be the lead council of the prosecution citing reasons… The prosecuting council is a principle leader to DSS. He does not belong to any attorney general office to be a prosecuting council and by affidavit of investigation; he is a member of the complainants. He cannot be a complainant and a prosecutor.   While the counter has been made, the both parties are waiting for the judge to give ruling. The judge just ruled after his assessment, Justice John Tosho ruled that Idakwor can go on as the lead council to prosecuting council while Labaran steps down


Categories: Biafra, Nigeria

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