Open Letter to President Buhari of Nigeria by Chike Ekwealo

MR PRESIDENT, I know you are the very Busy type. I know you are always engaged in running the affairs of the Government, travelling around the world . Therefore, I believe it will be difficult for you to read this letter by yourself after all you did not read the 2016 National Budget before you signed it and I am also aware that you have many propagandists, especially, in the New Media (Social Media) .



So I believe they will surely get across to you my later and they will communicate you accordingly. I also pledge to make it as short as possible so that your brain will be able to comprehend it when your aids will be narrating it to you sir.

President Buhari I Crave ur indulgence to greet you:
Depending on the time you would be reading this report.

I want to state it black and white as I see it. Sir I must Confess that you are a disappointment to human race. I am sorry if that was too harsh but I decided to use it in order for you to understand how disappointed, embarrassed and frustrated I am.

Sir I never liked you and I never bothered campaigning or voting for you because I knew you will only end up being an Earthquake or volcanic disaster to the people.

Although, I did not also vote for Jonathan Goodluck, but I campaigned vigorously, for him, because I saw a lot of potentials in him and from him. I would have voted for him if only that I wasn’t very sick on d election day.

Sir Mr president, since you came into power Nigeria has become an eyesore. All Nigerians(I mean those who still believe in the Country) has been in the state of total ignominy.

A lot of Nigerians Abroad have called my office to say that they are trying to change their, identity. They said that since you called all of them criminals, that their host countries have been treating them like Criminals..

A friend of mine said he will change his identity to that of Angola. and I have been asking , why would somebody from Giant of Africa (NIGERIA) change his identity to Angola? He responded that Angola is far Better than Nigeria.

Sir another side of you that I Abhor, detest, despise, and Loathe a lot, is the fact that you are always Catastrophic when ever you grant interview to international media. You always give them the impression that your Coountry Nigeria has no leader…

Yes. Sir please just try to watch your recent interview on Aljazera TV.
It was like an atomic Bomb of insult to all those who still believe in the Country Called Nigeria.

The following are the ridiculous and disparaging  remarks you made during the interview..

(1) when you were questioned on the issue of Biafra protesters, and you were also asked to watch the video of how the Nigerian Army Under your command killed innocent people, you said no that you won’t watch the innocent bloods you shed and also said that you will never tolerate Biafra. But I want you to know that Biafrans(IPOB and MASSOB) have also stated that they will never tolerate Nigeria and your Government. You have also succeeded in Making Nnamdi Kanu (A small Boy to You ) a great hero above you. He is so loved by his people more than your own people love you. Check his pictures below you will understand me better. Nnamdi kanu’s eyes are wide open, very handsome, fresh and young with his country flag Biafra encrypted in his white (to prove his innocence) Cloth but behold you were caught sleeping.

(2) when you were asked why you registered Nigeria with Islamic Nations, you said you do not care, that those Christians Complaining should go and fight BoKoharam. What these means is that some people planted BoKoharam and are trying to use it as an excuse or opportunity to Islamize Nigeria. Well I want you to know that it will never work in the south especially in the Old Eastern Region who still strongly believe in Biafra, and are ready to resist such move.

(3) Baba you declared by yourself that you will Jail Sambo Dasuki.. please are u the judge!??? Or are u planning to Bribe the judge???

(4)When u
you were asked about your foreign policy and dollar issues and how it is affecting Nigerians who are studying abroad and importers, you said that those who cannot afford to pay for their children abroad school fees abroad should withdraw them. That only those favoured by your strict foreign policy are qualified to school abroad. You even boasted that your children are studying abroad because you can afford it.

Mr president with the above, disparaging enumeration or recapitulations coming from you and so many I cannot be able to say, Sir.

I can boldly advise you go back to the Doctor your visited during ur holiday to check some parts of your sense organs.

Yours concerned man.

Chike Micheal Ekwealor..
A political Analyst, An author and a historian.

Please Good friends share as much as u can, till it get to the President office.



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