Nigeria: Stop The Raping and abduction of Children – Northern Christian Group Tells Emirs.

The 19 Northern States and Abuja Christian Association of Nigeria (Northern CAN) yesterday warned emirs to stop forceful marriages of Christian minors in their domain and also facilitate the release of those in captivity. New Chairman of the Northern CAN, Rev. Yakubu Pam, gave the warning shortly after his election in Kaduna at the weekend.


CAN also faulted Nigeria ’’s membership of the Coalition of Islamic Countries against terrorism. Its members said they needed to be assured by the government that innocent Nigerian Christians would not be victims in the event that ISIS terrorist attacked Nigeria for being member. ““Does Nigeria have the capacity to fight back like other members,”” they asked. 

Senate Pam took over from Archbishop Peter Jatau as the new chairman of the 40 years association. Speaking with journalists at a press conference, the new chairman said it was the belief of the leadership that it was high time traditional rulers and emirs in the region, especially, those that harbour Christian minors in their palaces stopped the untoward practice. Pam also charged security operatives to live up to their expectation of protecting lives and property of Christians in the North. The new chairman also said the leadership of the church expressed concern at the killings in parts of Nasarawa, Benue and other Christian areas in the region. Northern Christians, he said, called on states and federal government to be proactive in tackling those crises. Pam said: ““Another issue that came up for deliberation today is the kidnapping of our daughters. Historically, the issue has been on ground. We have suffered with this here in the North. ““The church is really concerned and we are pleading with the government if they can put every leadership on alert, particularly, our traditional leaders and security agencies so that they can control such an ugly issue that has been taken place here in the North. ““These are the two things that we really discussed and people were really happy with the new executive of the association.


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  1. Why and how are they “rapping” children? I am just curious to know the answer to that question. However, the kidnapping and raPing of little Christian girls must stop immediaitely.


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