How Agatu and Idoma People Massacred Igbos Returning From Northern Nigeria in 1966.

Analysing Fulani Herdsmen Killing of Benue Communities.

– Could it be the law of KARMA at work?
– Could it be the law of retributive justice at work?
– Could it be pay back time for the sins of the past?

– David Mark as Chief oppressor of the Igbos and supervisor of the abandoned property legislation against the beleaguered Igbos. In this legislation spearheaded by David Mark all the properties owned by Igbos in different parts of the country were handed over to other people who are not the rightful owners.


Senator David Mark

One begins to wonder if the recent Massacre of communities (Idoma, Agatu, Benue, Tiv) in the middle belt and the ongoing fight between the minorities of the middle belt and the Fulani Community is a form of payback time for the atrocities committed against the Igbo Biafrans by the Agatu, Idoma, Benue State and other middle belt people of Nigeria.


Going down memory and history lane you will recall how the people of the present Benue State Nigeria slaughtered Igbos returning from Northern Nigeria in the wake of the 1966 Progrom and Massacre of innocent Igbo People in northern Nigeria.
An eyewitness account of the Benue Massacre of 1966 Comrade Nwawo stated that they were escaping from the Massacre in northern Nigeria in a train and on getting to the present day Benue State at the train station, the Benue communities (Agatu, Idoma, Tiv) descended on the helpless and beleaguered Igbos and slaughtered them in cold blood. Only a few persons like Comrad Nwawo were able to escape.


Nigeria and Biafra Map

More than 150,000 Igbo Biafrans were killed in the Progrom of 1966 in Northern Nigeria. The Progrom and Killings of Igbos led to the declaration of the Independent Republic of Biafra by the then military administrator of Eastern Nigeria Colonel Emeka Ojukwu.

The people of Benue State and Senator David Mark were all accomplices and need to apologize to the Igbo People for the atrocities they committed against them.

Nigeria being uncomfortable with Ojukwu’s declaration of an independent Republic of Biafra started a war of aggression and genocide in which more than 3 million Biafrans including Igbo Biafrans were killed. The war lasted for 3 years between 1967-1970 with more than 1million Biafran children dieing of hunger and starvation due to the Nigerian Government policy of starvation as a weapon of war and ensuring of air, land and sea blockade.


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