Nigeria in Panic Mood, Scampers for Safety as Biafra Telegraph Magazine Debuts.

Information reaching us now has it that the Nigerian Army has gone in search of any newspaper carrying any content on Biafra and about Biafra. Eyewitness report has it that the reason the Nigerian army have invaded Aba, Abia State Nigeria to seize any newspaper that carry Biafra stories is because the new Biafra media giant newspaper the Biafra Telegraph International Magazine being produced by IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) has made its first debut. IPOB  BIAFRA TELEGRAPH International magazine  1st Edition was released  some days ago. The Biafra Telegraph is being distributed round the world and to most government institutions, United Kingdom Members of Parliament, American  senators and other world leaders.


Biafra Telegraph

It is another Tsunami that Nigeria and Buhari government cannot survive  because anybody who gets hold of the Biafra Telegraph will pray for Nigeria to go it’s separate  way the next day.

In a bid to avert a clampdown of its members, the IPOB family in Nigeria and Biafra land has chosen to distribute the new magazine through their various Coordinators Contact your  coordinator on how to get some copies.

This is now a fight of ideology and intellectual superiority between Biafra and Nigeria. And at the end either Biafra or Nigeria will come out victorious.




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