River State is Part of Biafra – Asari Dokubor Replies Ateke.


Portharcourt – Following the interview granted by chief Mujahid Asari Dokubo to Ibeh Gift Amarachi,Blessed Orji and Oyekachi Chima of FAMILY WRITERS the former Ijaw Youth Council President and founder of the defunct Niger Delta People’s Volunteer Force ( NDPVF)blasted Ateke Tom the leader of the Niger Delta Vigilante, an ethnic Ijaw militia in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, over his recent comment against Biafrans by asking Biafrans to stay away from Rivers State, as Rivers State is not part of Biafra. When asked how he feels over the recent comment of Ateke Tom against Biafra? He flamed up and spoke with authority “Ateke cannot speak for Rivers people. Who is he to do that? He does not have such authority to speak for Rivers people. 


Asari Dokubor with Amarachi, and Others.

It is total delusion, In fact Ateke Tom does not know what he is talking about. The benefit of Rivers State lies with a new political construction of this part of the World. How has Okrika developed? What is the benefit that has approached Okrika from Nigeria or from Rivers State? What is the benefit that people of Kalabari have gotten from Nigeria, that we should perpetually remain in this darkness and shame called Nigeria? NO WAY. Ateke Tom is not speaking for anybody, perhaps he is speaking for himself and I doubt he is speaking for himself. The truth is that, he does not understand what he is saying. 

He wants to accolade the thought, opinion and well being of Rivers People to himself, who is he to do so? What a delusional statement, by Ateke Tom. Rivers State is part of Biafra and that is the Truth. Ateke’s deceiving comments or that of anyone else, can never change that fact and truth. Rivers State is part of the Old Eastern Nigeria and any State that emerged from Old Eastern region is a Biafra State. Ateke Tom should stop deceiving the gullible minded and trend on the path of the Truth.


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  1. Asari that we all know will never say such a thing about Ateke to shut up. this write up is fake. even no Rivers man could say such words online. Igbos stop using Asari name for selfish motives. no mater how Igbos bully the people of Rivers state to join baifra by force, Rivers people will never be part of biafra. The Igbo knew they are wasting their time adding south south to biafra. let there be a referendum as some Igbo are calling online, even unborn baby of Rivers state will vote against biafra. Igbo refused to respect the minorities, the Igbo refused to value the minorities with who the minorities said they are. Igbo want all minorities to agree that they are Igbo not any other name. who told Igbo that the minorities will agree to answer Igbo. stop greed, the minorities are only Igbo because of oil, gas and seaport. if Iam speaking like u does not make me to be u. before Igbo are draging Rivers state like this, they have a motive. Igbo knew they will gain more and dominate Rivers people. Igbo can never call u there brother for free without knowing what they will gain. Igbo, linsten Rivers people are never ur brother. they are ur neighbor. go and drag Kogi but they will not go there because there is nothing to gain there. what the Igbo wlll brown me now as Yuroba person.


    • Izuma I have a question for you. What was your identity before River State was created in 1968? You were either Igbo or Biafra or Eastern Nigeria. Is River State an identity? Afterall the name Rivers is an English name. Izuma are you an English man? Izuma do you know that Ikwerre is a dialect in Igbo the same way you have Nkwerre as a dialect in Igbo. Nkwerre is in Imo State while Ikwerre is in Rivers State but the two names mean the same thing. Do you know that Egbema is in Rivers State and also Egbema is in Imo State? Do you know that Egbelu is in Rivers State and also Egbelu is in Imo State. Do you know that Isiokpo is in Ikwerre in Rivers State and Isiokpo is in Ideato Imo State. Do you know that Ulakwo and Omuma are in Rivers State and also Omuma and Ulakwo are in Imo State. Do you that Obigbo people are partly Ngwa people. Do you know that Anioma in Delta State are Igbo People of Arochukwu origin. Do you know that there is Aro Ikwerre? Do you know that Okrika is in Rivers State as well as in Imo State. So my brother stop being ignorant. Read and learn. Instead of saying River State is not Igbo you can say River State is not Imo State. River State is a neighbor to Imo State and not Igbo. Study to show yourself approved. Stop living in ignorance and illiteracy. But if after a referendum and Rivers State which I doubt chooses not to be part of Biafra then good and fine.

      Now let me take you to a valid history point. That the kingdom of Israel was divided into two parts Compromising Judah and Israel does not take away the fact and truth that they were once Israel and children of Jacob.


      • biatimes, u and u Igbo will never get what u want from the minorities until u learn how to value and respect the identities of the minorities.Do u know why Biafra failed? because Ojukwu Igbolise the whole Eastern region and he refused to valued the minorities. biafra will still fail again untill the minorities tribes identities are recognized. Scotland speaks 100 per English but they are not English, they are called Scottish. Rivers state is not a tribe but combination of many tribes, why dont u Igbos leave the tribes in Rivers state to answer their Identities. is it by force to be ur kins or ur brother? are tribes in Rivers state the same ancestor with the Igbos? they Igbos said they are from Israel but no tribes in Rivers state that got Israel linage. Igbo stop drinking paracetamol in other people head ache. all those tribe u call are never Igbo and no minorities will leave their Identity and answer Igbo, no matter what u Igbo do, NO part of Rivers state is Igbo. u are waiting ur time. go and drag Kogi, there are Igbo speaking part of Kogi, are they not ur brothers? stop thieving tribes. Ikwerre is Ikwerre not Igbo. go and call Ikwerre man Igbo . if he will not kill u. must the minorities answer Igbo identity to survive. leave the minorities to be who they said they are. calling Rivers ur brother because of, oil, gas and seaport. let me give a tip, 90 per of port harcourt are owned by Ikwerre land and the remaining 10 per are okirika and kalabari and the 10 per is bank of the sea, do think Okirika and Kalabair will allow u Igbo to take over the seaport? the answer is NO. if u want biafra, let ur southeast form ur biafra alone and stop romancing the minorities to join u. will biafra survives without the minorities? the answer is NO. no minorities no biafra.


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