Serial Killing of Igbo Biafran Youths by Nigerian Army of Hausa Fulani Extraction.

A coordinated secret execution of mostly youths of the old Eastern Region (South East & South South) of Nigeria is currently ongoing, according to The Oriental Times,  with a special reference to a particular incident in Anambra State where a man driving 2013 Toyota Camry in Awka was whisked away by Nigerian soldiers for allegedly having Biafran flag and stickers in his car.


Nigerian Army torturing Biafrans

After this man was taken to the military Barrack, they requested for the sum of N5,000 from him which the man vehemently refused to pay given that he committed no offence to warrant his illegal arrest. The soldiers who hail from the Northern region of the country concluded plans to murder this driver after having categorically told him that he would be eliminated just like the others.

Fortunately for this young man in his early 40s, another soldier from the Igbo speaking part of the country in the same Barrack walked in from no where and intervened, that was how he escaped another secret extermination.

It was gathered that the alleged secret execution is majorly targeted at IPOB (Indigenous People of Biafra) family members having ‘BIAFRAN’ stickers on their vehicles, inscription on shirts and related materials. Remember that few days ago, same Nigerian soldiers clamped down on vendors selling newspapers with reference to ‘Biafra’ in Aba.

The Nigerian President has not on any case on record condemned the brutality of the Nigerian military on civilians, just as he is yet to prosecute soldiers who illegally murdered hundred of detainees as he promised, this was noted by Amnesty International.


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