Bakassi Peninsula refugees to attend Biafra congress

 Natives internally displaced after Nigeria ceded the Bakassi Peninsula to Cameroon will attend the next Biafra National Youth League (BNYL) Congress.

BNYL President, Prince Chimezie Obuka, confirmed the development.


Natives of Bakassi Peninsula

“The second congress of the Biafra National Youth League will witness the presence of internally displaced Bakassi natives whose land was ceded to La Republique du Cameroun by Nigerian Government without plebiscite,” said Obuka.

The congress is set for Obudu in Cross River State at a date yet to  be announced.
“The aboriginal inhabitants of the oil rich Bakassi Peninsula which lies within the Bight of Biafra will all be present to make known their position with respect to the Biafran struggle,” said Obuka.

“There is urgent need to take the struggle for liberation to their door step and they will be highly received in Obudu. Without our people in Bakassi, the Biafran struggle will suffer another setback especially along the Gulf of Guinea,” he added.

“There must understand why we want Biafra, they are Efik and would not be allowed to be separated from their fellow Efik, they have every right to choose where they want to be. I urge them to back the Biafran struggle for it will benefit all of us.”

In 2013, five years after an agreement with Nigeria, Cameroon took full sovereignty over the disputed Bakassi Peninsula, signalling the end of a bloody conflict over the land.

Source: Calabar Reporters


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