Biafrans and not Biafra Died at Civil War – IPOB Replies Nigeria’s President Buhari’s Media Aid.


Biafra is a thorn in the flesh of Nigerian government which they can’t handle. You cannot kill an ideology with a gun, threats, starvation, detention, bomb, Killings and lies, never! They can only come up with a better ideological strategy which is an improvement to the old.


Garba Shehu and Killed Biafran Children

 If everybody can go all out and decide he is threatened by his neighbour, in his opinion, and therefore, kills him, and everybody around him too, what kind of world would we have? Nigeria hates Biafrans with a passion, and instead of allowing them to go, Nigeria feels the best thing to do is kill off the Biafrans. Is that the best way to settle the issue? Can you really kill us all?

The Senior assistant to the President of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, has said the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and other groups agitating for a Biafra State were living in a mirage, adding that the matter was a rested case. Garba went further telling Biafra Nationalists to stop hallucinating that Biafra died at civil war. This is very hilarious I must say, and we wish to ask, who killed Biafra? Is this how gullible Nigerians are? How could this semi-illiterate, Garba Shehu, think or believe that an ideology could be wiped out and forgotten just because he feels that way in his shallow mind. 


Map of Biafra showing it Colours

Such senseless utterances made by an average Nigerian is the reason Nnamdi Kanu had always said “black people are incapable of reasoning” and he was right all along. Garba was probably uninformed. Has it been heard or seen that an ideology has been killed or gunned down before? Perhaps he needs to make some research to be informed before dabbling and blabbing what he had no knowledge of. 

Biafrans intelligence moves and approaches have been struck by the Nigerian state so hard, but these are not death blows because you cannot decapitate an ideology no matter how hard you try.
During the Nigeria Biafra War which Garba mentioned, between 1967 to 1970 [a period of three years], over 3.5 million Biafrans lost their lives including pregnant women, kids, and able-bodied men were massacred in cold blood by the jihadist state of Nigeria because of independence of Biafra from Nigeria. It will be recalled that only Biafrans were murdered during that pogrom. The western (Yoruba) and northerner (Hausa Fulani) parts of Nigeria were busy doing their day to day activities whereas Biafra land was under siege by Nigerian Army with the help of other countries.

Consequently, millions of Biafrans died and gone in this quest, ‘Not Biafra itself’… just to correct that impression made by Garba. Our bodies were killed not our souls and you can’t take away Biafra from our souls. Quitters they say never win, and Winners are those who never quit. Falling is not failure rather first attempt in learning and gaining experience, hence, we won’t quit nor negotiate until Biafra is restored.

It was hypocritical of Garba to have welcomed the liberation of Saharawi people in Morocco while saying Biafra is about the dismemberment of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. What a horrible hypocrite.
I expect Garba to be impartial and upright in his judgement to tell Buhari that what is good for the goose is equally good for the gander. I would want Buhari to recognize Biafra independence, just like he did to Western Sahara  and Palestinians, to balance the equation.

A just cause like Biafra cannot be bullied into silence, not even in Nigeria nor in over 88 countries of the world who are currently watching with keen interest how badly Biafrans has been treated in Nigeria.  If Biafra is a settled entity like he opined, then what are Biafrans agitating for? Who settled it, where, how and when? Can a settled entity demand for her independence? Can a dead entity seek for self-determination? How then can he (Garba) prove his allegations that Biafra is dead and buried? Buhari killed Biafra agitators, not Biafra. Buhari detained Nnamdi Kanu and other Biafra agitators in prison, not Biafra. Buhari cannot dare kill BIAFRA because he knows he doesn’t have the capability only God does.

Nigeria made the greatest mistake, (of course as always) by arresting Nnamdi Kanu, a very big mistake thinking that if they do, Biafra agitation will stop, Radio Biafra London will stop talking. How wrong they are. Now we have a very powerful 24 hours Satelite and Internet Television station. Malam Garba Shehu should be informed that “Dead Biafra” could not have achieved all these. May we use this opportunity to inform this Garba Shehu that Radio Biafra has won the media war between it and the NBC. If you could not stop a common Radio Station, how could you in your wildest dream and imagination think you can kill the Biafran Spirit. Now we know who is Hallucinating.

I understood vividly well and can categorically state that Nigeria cannot stand on its own because she is a parasite relying on Biafra wealth to enrich her selfish desires, but we must secede whether Nigerians like it or not. The era of parasiting on the resources of Biafra is gradually closing in and just as you cannot stop the rising sun from shining, the independence of Biafra is imminent and unstoppable.


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