Nigeria: Igbo Soldiers Clash with Hausa Commander in Enugu over Niger Delta Militants.

Yesterday really showed the divide among the ethnic groups that make up Nigeria as men of the Nigerian army opened fire on each other with at least three soldiers feared dead.

EASTERN RADIO gathered that the cause of the shooting and killing was as a result of ill treatment of the Igbo soldiers as to concerning peace keepings.

According to sources, 82 Division Nigerian Army Enugu were given a mandate to shortlist about 54 soldiers to join hands and combat Niger Delta Militants uprising, which the GOC (General Officer Commanding) Brigadier Gen Ibrahim Attahiru assigned to two commanders who hails from Northern (Hausa Fulani) and another from South Western (Yoruba) Nigeria respectively.

But owing to disunity, nepotism and tribalism that beclouds the Nation Nigeria, these commanders shortlisted all 54 Igbo soldiers.

One of the enlisted Soldier who was saddened by the outcome of this list questioned the process used to enlist only Igbo Soldiers to this mission of death. The commander picked offense and demanded to know what gave him the audacity to question him, talk more off conceiving to disobey a military order.

 The said Commander in display of anger pulled out his gun and shot this young soldier on the forehead, killing him instantly. Another soldier who is among the enlisted soldiers immediately withdrew his own gun and fired the commander thereby killing him too. He then directed the gun on the second commander.


It became a war ground as soldiers all surrendered themselves. Civilians within the environment all took to their heels. There would have been a blood bath in 82 Division Enugu but thanks to imediate intervention by the GOC who calmed the atmosphere of war.

As at the time of filling this report, there is no movement in and out of the barracks.

More details soon


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