Nigeria: Quota System Encourages Mediocrity – Senator Bruce Tells Nigeria.

The #CommonSense Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Is Making Another #CommonSense That’s Not Common  Let’s Hear Him.

I was looking at cut off marks for students from different states. What I saw is nothing short of legalized discrimination #MeritNotQuota


Ben Murray Bruce

How can one state have a cut off mark of 20 and another has 136 in the same country. Can we progress with such injustice? #MeritNotQuota

If after 40 years of practicing quota system a state still has cut off Mark of 20 isn’t that proof quota is not working? #MeritNotQuota

We want unity in Nigeria. As long as we retain quota systems, there’ll be resentments amongst Nigerian which fuels disunity #MeritNotQuota

Before we had quota, Saudi Arabia’s royal family came to the University College Hospital, Ibadan for treatment in the 60s #MeritNotQuota

After we implemented quota system, our leaders began to go to Saudi Arabia for treatment. The facts speak for themselves #MeritNotQuota

Leaders who promote quota should do us a favor and allow a quota system doctor operate on them next time they need surgery #MeritNotQuota

As long as quota system of entry into schools & jobs doesn’t change, Nigeria won’t change much, no matter who is president #MeritNotWuota

If we want progress in Nigeria, we must remove every social injustice and ensure a level playing ground for all Nigerians #MeritNotQuota

Look at our private sector. The reason private enterprise is doing so well is because of merit not quota #MeritNotQuota

It is an insult to call people educationally backward. I have 1017 staff from all over Nigeria. They are all brilliant #MeritNotQuota

No ethnic group is intellectually superior or inferior to another. God is not unjust. That is my case against quota system #MeritNotQuota


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