Biafrans take their independence call campaign to President Putin of Russia

Fellow Biafrans you owe Biafrans this duty. Call the Russian strongman Vladimir Putin we need his support as he has proven to be in the side of the oppressed. We can trust and count on him for support. Dial him on this free toll number +7-800-200-4040 or 88002004040 or send MMS and SMS messages. The line is open until the 14th day of April, 2016.

All lovers of freedom Biafrans and friends of Biafra MUST put a call or SMS to Putin. Tell Putin the problems of Biafra, the state sponsored killings, The planned forced Islamization of Biafrans, The sufferings of Biafrans and why we are wanted out of the Islamic Republic of Nigeria. Tell Putin that we maintain 6 standard AIRPORTS in Biafra land yet denial access to travel abroad from Biafra land except we travel 8-14 hours to Lagos, Abuja or Kano by road to board a flight.


President Putin of Russia

Tell Putin that we have 6 developed but abandoned SEAPORTS in Biafra land yet cannot import goods directly to Biafra land we must import in Lagos seaport and then truck our goods to Biafra land what an injustice done to Biafrans. Biafrans have suffered this justice for over 50 years it is time to move on. Let the world know our grievances, let the world know how Nigeria have been killing us since the forced amalgamation by the brutal British. This is a compulsory call to Putin by all lovers of freedom.


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