Biafra: USSR fought Biafra but Russia will Uplift and Restore Biafra.

Just like the Biblical story of Israel and Egypt. Egypt enslaved Israel during the time of Moses but the same Egypt was used to save Israel and the Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) Christ. So could it be a twist of fate.


In 1967 USSR (Union of Socialist Soviet Republic) government assisted Nigerian government in bringing Biafra down during the 3 years war between Biafra and Nigeria but today fate is taking its course because the same Russia is being called upon to help restore Biafra and bring about her independence.

she that tied Biafra is being called upon to untie her. There are too many reasons Biafra will not blame Russia for the genocide of 1967-1970. The reason is that USSR lacked information or knowledge of what was happening or how the conflict between Nigeria and Biafra started. USSR was brought into the foray by Britain after lies and deceit. There was a conviction by Britain to the world that we deserve no support and should be cleansed as we are a threat to peace. Today the truth has been made bare and Russia is on a return mission to help restore the Independent Republic of Biafra. God bless the Russian Federation.

By Ifeanyi Chijioke of Family Writers


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