Candy Stalworth Accuses Buhari of Sponsoring Killings in Nigeria.

A social media commentator Candy Stalworth has accused Nigeria’s President Mohammed Buhari of Sponsoring the ongoing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Nigeria being perpetrated by his Fulani kinsmen.



Candy Stalworth

Candy in her reaction to the recent killing of Igbos in Enugu State by Buhari’s Fulani kinsmen had this to say:


Buhari to inaugurate committee on Amnesty for Fulani herdsmen on the 14th of May in order to stop the killings going on around the country. He has also proposed to scrap the amnesty programme for militants, saying it is meaningless and a big error to give amnesty to notorious hoodlums and vandals who go about blowing up pipelines to sabotage the efforts of this government



Tell Buhari that I Candy Stallworth says an incompetent fool at 70 will die an incompetent fool. Buhari is sponsoring the ongoing fulani killings all over Nigeria for his 2019 ambition, once they are able to kill over 5000 persons in all the six geopolitical zones Nigeria will be doomed. Buhari is a dog that needs to be chained, he is a vampire that needs to be buried, he is a vulture that needs to be burnt, he is a pig that should be cut into pieces.Buhari shut down the Shia’s so he could raise his own army of terrorist just the way he supported Bokoharam.


May God deliver us.


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