Nigerian Government Sponsored Fulani Militia Massacre of Igbos – Madaki

Ahmed Madaki in Enugu State wrote:
Dead bodies littered all over the place!
1. Let me state categorically herein that the Fulani
herdsmen, so called, came in hilux.
2. Dead bodies are littered all over the place.
3. Death toll is now at 793. Those alive may not live
up to the next 24 hours. This is so because they are
badly wounded, and the hope for survival is doubtful.
4. We are not allowed to take pictures.
These men are doing everything possible to stop us
from taking pictures. life for jungle no easy! You are
free to count the dead bodies, but not free to take


5. The attack was well launched because those men
in the Armed forces stationed there (Enugu) communicated effectively
with the so called Fulani Militia, before they attacked.



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