Nigeria: Igbos and Biafrans to be Massacred in Northern Nigeria Soon – Mohammed.

This is to warn all Igbos and Biafrans, residing in the Northern part of Nigeria to return home, as an intelligence report from a Nigerian Army Officer Mohammed who hails from Maiduguri Borno State but pleaded his surname should not be reported for security reasons, has reached FAMILY WRITERS desk over the intended invasion and massacre planned by Fulani Herdsmen to exterminate the lives of Igbos and Biafrans.


Mohammed’s revealing statement goes thus;
“As you can see, I am a Nigerian Security Personnel from Maduiguri. I am from Northern Nigeria, but i despise evil. I have been looking for a way to tell Biafrans the truth, but don’t know who might get me reported.


I have a Hardcore Biafran as a Friend and so, I believe in the course. Before Fulani herdsmen invaded Enugu, most of us in the Nigerian Army knew they will do so, because they are been trained and licensed to use sophisticated weapons and no one can stop them, because they have the support of top Government officials.

Trained Fulani Herdsmen have been deployed to go into Igboland and Biafraland and the ones still undergoing training in the North, will soon join others to kill none Northerners (Igbos and Biafrans). Please, I am warning all Biafrans leaving in the North to leave their businesses and whatever they are doing there.

Over Seven Hundred trained Fulani herdsmen have been released to go into every area where Non-Northerns are living in the North,especially Kano, Kaduna and Katsina. The main camp for their training is a secret camp in Kano. Soonest everybody will begin to hear the tragic news. I’m pleading that you let the World know about this evil plans and moves, because their will be great mourning and tragedy.

Tell Biafrans to be vigilant, because the Fulani Herdsmen are now the agents used to destroy none northerners (Igbos and Biafrans).


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