Biafra: LNC-USA Plans Referedum for Biafra to Exit from Nigeria.

The Lower Niger Congress USA (LNC-USA) just like the Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB) led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are among the various groups and organisations fighting and advocating for the Independence of the people of Biafra from Nigeria. The group is set to embark on a referedum within  the old Eastern Region and Edo State of Nigeria  in order to determine if the people are willing to be independent from Nigeria.

The Secretary-General of the organization Tony Nnadi released the following statement on the matter.wp-1456652041753.jpeg

In response to the deluge of enquiries which have poured in since the commencement of the Registration of Volunteers for the Referendum, January 1st, 2017, the Secretariat of the Lower Niger Congress deems it necessary to offer answers by way of these Notes, to the questions relating to the Referendum as well as some general background information.

First is to reiterate that the current Registration of 3 million Volunteers is intended to galvanize the people who will be processed, trained and deployed to various tasks in the Referendum at which over 60 Million persons are expected to vote.

The Voter Registration for the Referendum, which will target these over 60 million prospective voters, will be commenced when a firm UN-backed date is reached and announced. Discussions and steps are ongoing in the appropriate places towards this.

One of the most frequently asked questions relates to the date when the Referendum Vote will hold.

The Lower Niger Congress has its own projections towards a date in 2017 and had made same public since mid-2015, subject to the fact that the UN will be involved and so no unilateral announcements of a firm date will be made ahead of the conclusion of the processes at the UN.

Steps that would lead to a firm date are being taken and progress is being made, for which reason the registration of 3 million Referendum Volunteers was commenced January 1st, 2017.

There is a huge amount of work involved. Propaganda and unreasonable emotive outbursts and outpourings will not do that work.

The whole world now knows that the indigenous peoples of the Lower Niger, being the Eastern half of Southern Nigeria, are completely fed-up with Nigeria. That is not in doubt. Whatever is left, the Referendum and probably Plebiscites will settle.

The question is: What template and process is in place to deliver this much desired Independence to the Territory?

It is that template and process for delivering that Independence to the Territory that the LNC emplaced and has been driving meticulously, step by step over the last 18 years, including an elaborate and decisive dismantling scheme for the constitutional chains by which Nigeria locks in the entire territory into a nonexistent Federation, militarily occupying our territory “legitimately” and selling a daily 3 million barrels of crude oil, pretending that “We the People….” enacted our damnation by way of the 1999 Constitution.

As an adjunct stratagem, the LNC convened the MNN Countrywide Platform, to dismantle the alliance of the rest of Nigeria that came against the East in 1967-70, by taking out the Southwest and the Middle Belt into cohesive constitutional blocs, thereby isolating the Caliphate Belt of 12 Contiguous Sharia States of the Far North, which simultaneously imposed Sharia in year 2000, for quarantine.

The LNC is interfacing with the international stakeholders, including the owners of oil/gas concessions, for post-Nigeria arrangements.

There is also a clear transitioning template, already interfacing with existing constitutional and governance structures, as a strategy for ousting the violence that would otherwise attend the pushing and pulling between the status-quo forces and the Self-Determination forces. This transitioning also has its implications for regional stability and security, which is grave concern to the international stakeholders.

The ground cohesion required amongst the ethnic nationalities in the territory was also painstakingly built over these long years. The question of the name by which the territory, which will be a federation, enters its Independence, will be a joint decision of the constituent component nationalities of the Lower Niger. The LNC will be happy to propose the name “Biafra” at the time of that joint decision, but not before a clear consensus is reached on it by the collective.

Resolution No. 2 from the SOLEMN ASSEMBLY OF THE PEOPLES OF THE LOWER NIGER in Port Harcourt on April 27, 2015, which adopted the 1885 ethnolinguistic map of the Lower Niger as the geographical basis of the prospective Lower Niger Federation, also mandated the distillation of a CHARTER OF RELATIONSHIPS, to define in some detail, the understandings that would underpin the constitutional arrangements for the territory. Experts nominated by each of the nationalities are currently working at the first draft of that Charter.

Source: LNC-USA


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