Nigeria: Pastor Chris Blasts Buhari over Killing of Christians by Fulani Herdsmen.

President Mohammed Buhari of Nigeria and Governor Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State have come under immense criticism by Pastor Chris Okafor over their silence on the killing of christians in Nigeria by Fulani Herdsmen. Fulani Herdsmen according to the United States is the world’s 4th most dangerous terrorist organization.

President Buhari and El-rufai are being accused of complicity since they are both of the Fulani Tribe and El-rufai once made a statement of paying the Fulani Herdsmen killing Christians in Nigeria. More than 800 Christians were killed in southern kaduna in 2016 and the government of Nigeria is yet to bring the killers to book.

Beyond Kaduna State, Fulani Herdsmen also killed up to 40 Igbo Christians in Nimbo in Enugu State. Christians in Nigeria view this as the Islamic Agenda and conquest of Nigeria and the inability of the President Buhari led administration to bring the killers to book is also seen by many as a grand plan to use the institution of government to propagate an Islamic agenda and Jihad in Nigeria.

The Pastor said that Nigeria belongs to all both Christians and Moslems and Christians are rady and willing to fight to defend themselves if duty calls. He called on the president to treat Nigerians equal and failure to give all Nigerians a sense of belonging leaves the option of dividing Nigeria the most viable one.

In another development a Christian leader by name Apostle Johnson Suleiman was invited by the Nigerian Security Agents over his comments and call to Christians to defend themselves in the face of annihilation and serial killing.


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