Nigeria Was not Created by God but by George Goldie. 

​Contrary to  the believe and propaganda being fed the Nigerian Citizens by their corrupt  political elite that Nigeria was created by God as an Avenue to keep the religious populace docile and in captivity,  facts have emerged from historical information that Nigeria was not Created by God but by a fellow man by name George Goldie.  

George  Goldie Was  actually  The  Founder  OF Nigeria. His  Grave at  Brompton  Cemetery  London  Also  Reads “Founder of Nigeria’ (see picture attached).

Sir George Dashwood Taubman Goldie (born May 20, 1846, near Douglas, Isle of Man, UK —died Aug. 20, 1925, London, UK), was a British colonial administrator, organizer of a chartered company (1886) that established British rule on the River Niger, who was chiefly responsible for the development of Northern Nigeria into an orderly and prosperous British protectorate and later a major region of independent Nigeria.

Although his importance in West Africa may have equalled that of Cecil John Rhodes in South Africa, he differed from Rhodes in his preference for obscurity; he destroyed his papers and pronounced a curse on any of his children should they write about him after his death.

He was survived by two children at death in 1925.


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