Nigeria: Linus Okorie Joins Imo State Governorship Election Race For 2019

Linus Chinedu Okorie, popularly known as Linus Okorie (born 30 April 1974) is a Nigerian leadership consultant, author and the president and founder of Guardians of the Nation International(GOTNI),[1] a nonprofit leadership development organization, based in Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria. He is a conference speaker and a regular guest in many print media, radio, and television platforms across Nigeria. He is the radio and TV host of “The Leadership Clinic.” Okorie is an Alumnus of International Visitors Leadership Programme (IVLP).

He had his primary school at Saint John’s primary School Kumba, Southwest Province, Cameroon and his secondary school at Government Secondary School Owerri,[4] Imo State. He studied History and International Relations at Imo State University, Owerriwhere he became the first elected Students’ Union president. He holds a master’s degree on Organizational Leadership from Regent University, USA.[5]

Imo State Governorship Slogan

For a long time in Imo State, many people have gone into politics to enrich themselves and very few people have benefited from governance.

But the truth of the matter is that Imo State belongs to ALL OF US.

Imo Nkeanyi is a political movement created to bring everyone under the banner of good governance.

Imo Nkeanyi is about an Imo State where EVERYONE CAN RISE.

If you are tired of the status quo and you have been hurt by what is going on in Imo State, Imo Nkeanyi is an opportunity to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

Let’s make OUR IMO work. Join the movement! #ImoNkeAnyi


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