Biafra: Court Grants Bail To Pro Trump Biafra Activist Arrested by Nigeria Security

Court Grants Bail To A Biafran Artist Abducted By Department of State Service (DSS) In 2017.

A High Court in Rivers State has granted Bail to a Biafran artist who was arrested in his Shop on the 13th Of January 2017, for printing IPOB Banners and T-Shirts designed to be used in solidarity with Donald Trump’s Victory Rally.

The victim by name Udochukwu Nelson was nabbed at the late hours of 13th January 2017 by the Department Of State Security (DSS) and kept incommunicado for Weeks with severe injury, until secretly arraigned in Rivers State Magistrate Court and charged for Treasonable Felony, but the fast intervention of IPOB Legal Team altered his conviction, as the Court ruled not having the jurisdiction to discharge him, hence gave a remanding order to PortHarcourt Maximum Prisons.

The Legal Team filed an Application for Bail in the High Court Of Rivers State Of Nigeria, upon which the presiding Judge Hon. Justice S.O Ikahunima granted the defendant Bail.

Udochukwu Nelson appreciated the IPOB Leadership under Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and the Legal wing to whom he accorded Hand Fan made in Prisons, for the abutment granted to him while on detention and immense effort channelled towards his release. The victim reaffirmed his support for Biafra agitation and vowed never to capitulate. He was accorded Five Thousand Naira Transportation to his PortHarcourt residence as he excitedly reunites with his Family and Loved ones.


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