Why Buhari Boycotted African Union Meeting – Biafran Activist

By Chinasa Nworu


Truth is emerging over the reason President Buhari (Jubril of Sudan) shockenly boycotted his billed continental free trade trade meeting scheduled in Kigali on Monday despite consensus support given to him by the federal executive council. Information reaching me from an insider stated that Buhari, having been promised to use the Kigali meeting by African leaders to chide AU commission on human right position on Biafrans was surprised when President Paul Kagema (the AU chairman) told Abuja that “he was under pressure by powers that be not to allow such anti AU human right commission report on Biafrans be taken in Rwanda as lobbied by Buhari.

Buhari in his uncontrollable anger was deeply disappointed at the new development on the eve of the meeting. He felt stabbed by Paul Kagema’s led AU and wondered why Nigeria will be treated in such disrespectful manner by African nations Nigerian commitment to the region. Buhari in his fury decided to cut off his already planned and media popularised meeting of Rwanda. Buhari’s decision is coming at the height of deployment of all the president’s entourage to Kigali. What surprises president’s team is why they were not informed until they got to Kigali. Nigeria team of political and economic diplomats are in Kigali presently disappointed as Rwanda government sees no reason they should be loitering around their beautiful capital when their imposter president is not showing forth.

Experts wonders why Buhari could take such disgusted position in protest of AU position on Biafra when such meeting would have created more room for lobbying for Nigeria . Others argued that such economic summit would have created opportunity for Nigerian ailing economy as Nigeria remains the largest African economy.

It will be recall that AU human right commission had written to Abuja warning her of the danger of taking Biafrans lives. It is reported that Buhari envisages an opposite of what he demanded from AU leaders as he suspected AU chairman (Rwanda’s president) might have been influenced by the same powers that be to condemn the killing of Biafrans before him. To save himself from the shame, he suddenly boycotted the meeting.


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