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Excitement as Igbo Woman From Nigeria Emerges Britain’s First Black Diplomat

BREAKING NEWS: Another Igbo-Biafran from Nigeria makes us proud. Her name is NNENNE IWUJI-EME. She becomes the First Black British High Commissioner.

She takes up the post of high commissioner to Mozambique in July 2018. Nnenne Iwuji-Eme has spent 16 years in the United Kingdom Foreign Office. She takes over from Joanna Kuenssberg. In fact, British High Commissioners are almost always white blue-eyed males.

Iwuji-Eme said it was “an honour and a privilege” to be appointed to the role and that she hoped she would inspire others to pursue their ambitions.

“I hope my appointment as the first British black female career diplomat to this position will inspire young talent, regardless of race or background, to pursue their ambitions in the Foreign Office,” she said.

“I look forward to forging even stronger connections between Britain and Mozambique – two close members of the Commonwealth family.”

The foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, said Iwuji-Eme has “vision, experience and energy” for the appointment.

Reactions from her kinsmen:

Congratulations NneNne.

The Igbos are proud of you.

Umu-Igbo unu di one billion much!

Note that she has no English name. That has not stopped her from going higher. In fact, a white man will respect you more if you are proud of your original identity.Those of you who are not proud of their Igboness should be very ashamed of themselves.

courtesy: MCO


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