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Nigerian Police Opens Fire on Civilians in Abia State Killing 3 Persons.

There was tears in Ntigha Community in Okpuala in IsialaNgwa Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria when residents, family and friends heard the news of the murder of three young men by men of the Nigerian Police Abia State Command. Eyewitness report has it that the police numbering three came in a Mercedes Benz 190 car and opened fire on the victims who were at the Ntigha Community Hall.

In an incident reminiscent of a guerrilla war scenery, one police inspector and two sergeants from Okpuala police station drove into Ntigha Community Square in a Mercedes benz 190 car and allegedly opened fire killing 3 young men.

The incident which happened around 12 noon on Monday the 5th of march 2018 saw Mr. Adimchi Obiocha, Joseph Nwokocha and Obioma Innocent killed and layi dead in the mortuary. Speaking to journalists during a press conference organized by a human Rights and constitutional lawyer Dr.A.C.B Agbazuere who took up the matter on behalf of the community and petitioned the Inspector General of police in demand for justice for the victims and the community, said the incident is a sad one that should not be left to go without importunity for justice, Dr. Agbazuere informed news men that the three policemen who carried out the nefarious act are now being detained at the state CID Umuahia on the orders of the Inspector General whom he went to meet immediately the matter got to him.

Dr. ACB Agbazuere (Middle) with community leaders

Community leaders who were present during the press briefing include Chief Obioma Onyenso, Chief Omerenma John Ubani, and Nze Daniel Njoku, they all took turns to explain how traumatic and painful it has been for the families of the victims and the Ntigha community in general, when asked to explain what exactly happened, they said all they heard around 12 midday were sporadic gun shots within the village square and every one scampered for safety, it was in the cause of running for their dear life that the three young men were gunned down in their prime.

When contacted the D. P.O in-charge of Okpuala Ngwa police station said he got the report of the incident and on further investigation he discovered that though the policemen took off from his station but they weren’t attached to his station as they are visiting mobile policemen, he said when he got to the scene he saw the three men lying dead in the pool of their own blood and ordered that they be taken to O.O mortuary at Ntigha, he went ahead to say that the men who perpetrated the crime are in police custody awaiting the conclusion of investigation but assured that justice will be done.

Dr. Agbazuere went further to say that as a human rights activist, his joy is to address any injustice to any one not minding class, tribe, sex or status, but his natural insistence is that justice must be done at any point in time and promised not to rest until they pay for the lives of those innocent youth that was brutally cut in their prime.


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