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How to detect Suspicious or Scam Online e-Payment Websites

Once beaten twice shy as the saying goes. If you have been scammed online before surely you would not want others to fall victim.

If you do not have an enterprise web-filtering application or websense then you need to use this very easy steps to detect if that website that is asking for your personal details, bank details and Credit Card details.

scam alert

This is the step by step guide of what to do:

 NB: The standard and norm is that every Internet based e-commerce and e-payment website must declare their full location information and not hide any information from the general public. Any e-payment or online payment site that hides any information should be declared suspicious and not genuine. This is similar to no criminal wanting to disclose his full identity and location information in real life transaction for the fear of being tracked by security agencies.

  •  Enter the name of the website or address you want to verify example:


  • The whois check returns the following information of which the Registrant Information is hidden.

  • So you can say that this website is a fraudulent site and your Credit Card should stay thousands of miles away from it.

NB: It is normal for a general website to implement privacy by hiding registrant information but that shoud not be the case for a commercial and online e-payment website.

Compared to a similar online and e-payment  website such as

  •  The whois check returns the full registrant information.

So next time before you give out your credit card details make sure you verify the website.

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