Online Fraud Alert! Beware of! Safeguard Your Credit Card.

The website Mega Ebook located at is a fraudulent online bookstore operated by online scammers.

They start by saying you have won freebies from GOOGLE. You are then told to participate in an online quiz from Google then you are redirected to an online form to fill in your details after which you are taken to a payment page where you are required to enter your credit card information to claim the once free prize but not at a very negligible price of about $1.


Those who shop at the fraudulent website, which the owners claim is the world’s largest online bookstore, run the risk of their credit card information stolen and used fraudulently by the scammers operating the website.

We were unable to find out where Mega Ebook or where the owners are located. The information is not on their website, and they are hiding their domain name information by using a third-party service. It is necessary that when you are operating an e-commerce website where online users enter their personal and financial information, it is important that the website discloses all possible information about itself.


Online users who have used their credit card information on the fraudulent website are asked to contact their banks for help. Their banks should investigate, cancel the fraudulent transactions and refund their money.

The fraudulent website also hosts another scam, where it claims visitors can get a new iPhone X for only $1. But, this is just another method used by the scammers to trick potential victims into using their credit cards on the fraudulent website. If potential victims fall for the scam, their credit cards will be continuously charged randomly for different amounts.


Kindly comment and share your experience.


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  1. When I’m online in Chrome browser, suddenly my browser display I’m the winner of this week, I canceled it, I continue my brows, again it displays you’re selected winner of the week and I follow the comment on that site some said he got iPhone while some he got Samsung s8, I followed them, I deposit with my credit card that day it deducted 1, I don’t understand that country fund, equal to #113.5 in my country, since that time, I didn’t see anything even I have been forgot, this morning megabook deducted #18,000 I’m my account, I just got an alert from my bank


    • Please go to your bank and request for a change or block of your ATM or Credit. They almost succeeded duping me but I was lucky to discontinue the transaction and did further research. Kindly broadcast the message and post because you could save someone.


  2. I got to receive dis congratulatory msg displayed on my phone I jst entered my arm card details as required bt it says card is invalid. Pls is my card safe or should I still go to my bank and complain


  3. Go to your bank and complain. They might have told you invalid but could still have your data. It is safer you go and complain.


  4. today, same thing happened with me. I was surfing on the web somehow i was redirected to this page where they claimed that they are from google and i have won a samsung galaxy s9 and I was prompted to pay $1 in order to claim the prize. I entered the card number and all the details but was too reluctant to press the pay button. Something didn’t feel right. I searched about the authenticity about that prize and came across this page. Though I didn’t press the pay button but i entered my card details. Should i still be worried?


    • Since you did not Press the pay button it means the transaction was not successful but you can also clear all doubts by going to your bank to complain. Alot of people have been duped of their money by this website.


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