Imo State Governorship Candidate Speaks on Oil Palm Potential of The State.

Imo State Governorship Candidate in the 2019 General Elections, Linus Okorie has spoken on the potentials and opportunities the Oil Palm endowment of the State offers interms of its economic development.

Mr Okorie said research shows that Imo State has a great potential for oil palm production in Nigeria. Oil palm is a raw material for producing soaps.

The case of Adapalm is a pitiable one. I remember my days as a secondary school student. It was a thing of pride for workers to say that they work there.

What if we build these factories and start exporting not only palm oil, but finished products to other parts of the country?

Not only that, the employment opportunities for our youths is such a noble venture. Also the turnaround we desire to experience can be done via innovation and strategic revolutionary thinking.

It’s on record that the internally generated revenue of Lagos is one that’s an envy to other states, even at a time they weren’t getting allocations from the federal government.

This state of prosperity is what #ImoNkeAnyi will build in our darlingdarl State.

Will you join us?



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