Biafra: What are the Igbos afraid of in Nigeria? IPOB and Ohaneze must unite

The recent and unrelenting call for the restoration of the defunct Republic of Biafra and its attendant casualties on the Igbo and other Biafra ethnic populations calls for a reflection on the question of “what are the Igbos afraid of in Nigeria”.

What are the Igbos afraid of in Nigeria?

  • Are the Igbos afraid of Buhari?

Then they should know that Buhari’s power and government is transient and will come and go.

  • Are the Igbos afraid of Armed Fulani Herdsmen?

Then the Igbos should know that no armed group or militia in Nigeria or Africa can be more deadly than an Igbo Militia if constituted. Igbos have the capacity to decimate Fulani Herdsmen in a very short time if they are ready to and make it their priority. The reason why Fulani Herdsmen are pestering in Nigeria is because the Igbos have not seen them as a threat or priority.

  • Are the Igbos afraid of being political minorities in Nigeria?

The Igbos are the second largest ethnic group in Nigeria after the Yorubas but with a better demography and spread than the Yorubas which gives them the capacity to influence the politics of any state in Nigeria. This influence is not only in the state of residence but up to who becomes the president of Nigeria.

  • Are the Igbos afraid of Islamization?

Nobody has the capacity to Islamize the Igbos because you can only Islamize someone you are politically, intellectually, militarily and economically superior to. And records have it that the Islamic northern Nigeria with their bokoharam and Fulani Herdsmen allies are not in any way better positioned than the Igbos.

  • Are the Igbos afraid of other tribes in Nigeria?

In this case the reverse is actually the case. Other ethnic groups such as the Hausa Fulani are afraid of the Igbos and that is why the Fulani President of Nigeria Mohammed Buhari refused to appoint an Igbo man among the Security council because he knows Igbos do not tolerate nonsense and mediocrity. He knows Igbos are professionals to the core.

If Igbos and Biafra Activists can stand the bullets and tanks of the Nigerian Military then Igbos can defeat Bokoharam, Fulani Herdsmen and other Islamic Jihadists. We have done it once and can still do it again.

Haven known this then Igbos and Biafrans alike must come together and demand for their rights in the Nigerian State and that right must be granted them.

The Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Ohaneze Ndiigbo, Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) and other Biafra and Igbo Groups must close ranks and unite towards a restructured Nigeria which is as good as the “Aburi Accord” held in Ghana and which is equally as good as an Independent State of Biafra.

This is because history has it that the failure of the Nigerian State to honour the Aburi Accord led to the Igbo slogan of “On Aburi we stand” the birth of an Independent State of Biafra and the subsequent Nigeria-Biafra war.

This is a call for wisdom and understanding on the part of IPOB and Ohaneze Ndiigbo to form a coalition and work for the interest of Igbos and Biafrans in general.

Enough of the bloodshed.

4 million dead Igbos and Biafran is enough.

By Mazi Innocent.


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