Ozuruigbo (OZB) declares to Contest For House of Reps in Imo State

The Deputy Speaker of Imo State House of Assembly and the member representing Nwangele in the Imo State House of Assembly Honorable Ugonna Ozuruigbo (popularly known as OZB) has declared his intention to run and represent Nkwerre-Nwangele-Isu-Njaba in the Federal House of Representatives Abuja.

This is what he had to say:

Presently, it has become a common knowledge that I am a state legislator in the Imo State House of Assembly, representing the good people of Nwangele State Constituency, having come from Umuozu in Nwangele L.G.A.

It is also a common knowledge that in the line of my Legislative duties and responsibilities, that I have dared the odds in the midst of daunting challenges and scarce resources to perform within and above expectations of my people. I have sponsored and co-sponsored over 40 Legislative Bills and have moved over 20 productive motions of unique importance. My developmental strides are adjudged uncommon of a state legislator. Love

I have delivered over 80 personal projects to my people and have attracted over 20 projects from the Imo State Rescue mission Government. My youths, women and community development projects are receiving global commendation. And I have done all these without discrimination as to which individual, village or community that should benefit more. Every community in Nwangele is feeling the good impact of my works.

Today people attest that my foray into politics is to advance humanity more than I met it, and I have vowed to continue in this trend until so much is done for the human race.

Based on these achievements of mine and observed enthusiasm to work for the people, individuals and groups began to besiege me from January 2016 urging me to make myself available to represent our Federal Constituency in the Federal House of Representatives at Abuja. And I have in the midst of all these persuasions enmeshed myself in prayers. I have dully consulted our Almighty God, my family, APC Party Leadership, my political allies and friends within and outside our federal constituency on the need for me to contest.

Interestingly, these consultations has further convinced and proved to me the need for me to expand the frontiers of my political enclave and spread equitable representation and development within my immediate Federal Constituency having contributed so much to my State constituency.
Consequently, in view of the release of 2019 Election Timetable by INEC and the preparatory processes of our great party All Progressives Congress (APC) to conduct party primaries between August and September 2018, I humbly inform you that I will be contesting in the APC Party primaries to emerge as APC party candidate in the 2019 election of member representing Nkwerre-Nwangele-Isu-Njaba Federal constituency. Note that I will seek for your support and votes.

Conscientiously, I have undertaken to pursue this path not because of the decorations, paraphernalia and personal gains of the office of a member of Federal House of Representatives, but because of what I will use the position to achieve for our people. If I have done so much in the State assembly without discrimination, I will do much better in the National Assembly. He who is diligent in little things will be diligent in bigger things.

Good enough, I have acquired the requisite education and experience needed to deliver the job. My legislative background is that of a Rt. Hon. Deputy Speaker of a state who has passed through all the rudiments of legislation, inter constituency networking, systematic over sights, House political gerrymandering , symbiotic legislative and executive synergy, and above all a ranking legislator. My legislative sagacity, doggedness and prowess are in the public domain.

In pursuit of self development, I have acquired adequate western education with the concomitant exposures. At the successful end of my primary and secondary school education, I have obtained a B.Sc degree in Government and Public Administration at Abia State University Uturu and Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Business Administration at Federal Polytechnic Nekede.

My parents Chief Donatus Ozurigbo and Lolo Florence Ozurigbo were civil servants who had served Imo State in diverse capacities. I had the rare opportunity of been trained by them and my maternal grandmother of blessed memory. My training was partly in the village and partly in the city. The circumstances of my birth and upbringing had exposed me to different classes of people with varying pedigrees. I have mingled and interacted with the down trodden, the oppressed, the dejected, the marginalized, the suppressed, the voiceless, the rejected, the poor and even the rich. Meeting these people has exposed me to multiple life experiences and political expectations of a typical Nigerian, most especially you. I know where it pinches you the most.

At the Federal House of representatives, I will join hands with the legion of willing progressives and competent Nigerians who strive to accentuate the desired change, industrialization and development of Nigeria through dynamic, qualitative and functional legislative representation, robust over sight functions and legislative consolidation of productive ideas that will move Nigeria forward.

I will work for positive youths development and empowerment through the creation of opportunities, connections, services, skills and supports that will aid the youths confront their life challenges and earn descent living.

Women empowerment will be among the pivot programs of my representation. Beside my personal socio-economic and financial empowerments, I will link our women to the national economy where they will have unlimited access to National Women Empowerment Fund (NAWEF), Government Enterprise Empowerment Program (GEEP). Micro credits through the Bank of Industry (BOI), Agricultural loans, United Nations Women, World Bank assisted programs, etc.

I will prioritize education. I will give numerous personal scholarships and will attract national scholarships, educational materials and incentives to our people. Ecological challenges of our people will be confronted. The Federal Government Ecological Fund Office will be properly engaged to come to our aid where appropriate.

And above all, I love our Nkwerre-Isu-Nwangele-Njaba Federal Constituency and will do every possible thing to place it on the world map, for good reasons.
Thank you and remain blessed.

Signed: Rt. Hon. Ugonna Ozurigbo


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