Biafrans Raise Alarm Over Victimisation of Professor in the USA By Nigerians

“Two Nigerian-Born Deans Sack Pro-Biafra Professor”

According to very relable sources, Dr Michael Orok and Dr David Adewuyi of Virginia Union University (VUU) Richmond, are said to have played crucial roles in the removal of Dr. C. Ahamefule Nnorom from teaching a course in Comparative Politics-without due process and at the middle of the semester.

Why? Because he used the official college textbook that contains a picture of IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu and other materials on Biafra. Dr Nnorom has also been threatened with dismissal.

Call VUU and demand they protect Dr Nnorom’s right of freedom of speech and academic freedom (2) Restore him to his class (3) Remove Dr Orok as Dean and sanction Dr Adewuyi for threatening Dr Nnorom because of Biafra (4) Stop doing anything that will further harm Dr Nnorom’s academic and clerical reputation.
Call Dr Joy Goodrich (Provost/VP Academic Affairs) at 8043545210; Dr Hakim Lucas (President) at 8042575600; Dr Ted Ritter (chair of department) at 8042575734; Dr Orok at 8042575672.

This is a test case. We should mobolize Biafrans across the globe to call the university to compel their two Professors to stop importaion of Nigeria’s unjust and oppressive Islamic culture to America. Or no.Biafran abroad will be safe and free from Nigeria’s “killer” regime-even in the US.
You may also contact VUU with:;;
From BB&T: The one-time code you requested is 886264. If you did not submit this request, please contact us at 888-228-6654. Message & data rates may apply.


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