Nigerian President threatens Igbos and Niger-Delta over his re-election

President Mohammed Buhari has threatened the Igbos and Niger-Delta people of Nigeria of dire consequences of not supporting his re-election bid as president come 2019 general elections.South-East-leaders-1

The President made this known today through his Media Aide Femi Adesina in London while reacting to a Channels Television interview on the prospects of President Buhari’s Re-election and the issue of his unacceptability in the Igbo and Niger-Delta Regions of Nigeria. Femi Adesina replied with saying that those regions that did not vote for Buhari in 2015 election know the consequences that they have suffered due to their actions and should be ready to suffer further dire consequences if they fail to vote and support Buhari in 2019.

igbo governors

You will recall that after Buhari was elected President of Nigeria sworn in he promised  to marginalize the Igbos and Niger-Delta people who did not vote him by grouping them as the 5% who do not deserve anything from his administration.

President Buhari yesterday declared his intention to seek for re-election in 2019 before embarking on a trip to London.

Below is a recap of the 5% and marginalization incident as attributed to President.

Dr. Pauline Baker, the President Emeritus of The Fund for Peace, inquired about security in the Niger Delta area. The exact wording of her question was:  “My question relates to another area of Nigeria that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention during this trip and that is the Niger Delta. It’s a challenge that you are going to face. I wonder if you would tell us how you intend to approach it with particular reference to the amnesty, bunkering, and inclusive development?”

 President Buhari seemed to struggle with the question and at what point needed some assistance from Mr. Carson. President Buhari looked at Mr. Carson with a puzzled expression and said, “inclusive?”

 “Inclusive government…including women, youth” Mr. Carson responded to President Buhari. “I see,” the President finally said.

President Buhari looked at Dr. Baker and said, “I hope you have a copy of the election results. The constituents, for example, gave me 97% [of the vote] cannot in all honesty be treated on some issues with constituencies that gave me 5%.”

 “I think these are political reality,” the President added.




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